when was November ever so joyful?

Ok, I realise I am still a bit on a high, excited about all the progress having taken place during the last weeks. But November just does not feel as dark and difficult somehow.  Usually, without even being aware, my mood changes for the worse in direct correlation with the calendar switching from October to November. As by instinct. But not this year!

And how different I already look at the world. Instead of different people walking down the street I now see skirts, dresses, tops, jackets and trousers passing by. The other day I almost caught myself approaching a woman asking if ‘I just could feel the fabric of her dress’. Seriously?? I did luckily stop what could have developed into a rather embarrassing situation but I do think I have found a new true love – fabrics.
So I was beside myself yesterday whilst attending the Future Fabrics Expo organised by the Sustainable Angle at the College of Fashion. Thank you!

I am also absolutely over the moon that Neliana has agreed to work with me as my freelance designer. Do check out some of her work here.

It was quite an interesting experience to “interview” for a role I do not know much about but all in all it was great, I learnt a lot and met lots of great people. Thank you all for your time!

Neliana and I had our first ‘planning’  meeting yesterday and I am so excited about getting started. A new world is unfolding bit by bit and I am loving the journey.


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